Alice is a human spirit who is very mysterious.  Her actions can be very strange and sometimes backwords at times.  She works with her lover Cheshire to spread madness.


For a child, Alice had a hard life. Her mother died because of her father. Her father was murdered in front of the public for his crimes. Her aunt and uncle were killed during a robbery. After many more unfortunate family incidents, Alice had to live on the streets, making money by begging and singing. During a moment lost to history, she became immortal.


Alice appears to be a lithe and skinny nine year old. She has hair that is split, dirty blonde on the left and chestnut brown on the right. Her dress is blue, aquamarine, and cream. She wears black stocking with silver shoes. On the back of her left hand she has a red heart tattoo and a white diamond tattoo. On her right hand she has a black club tattoo and a blue spade tattoo. Her eyes are green on the right, but black on the left.


Alice has the ability to bring inanimate objects to life by giving them a magic filled breath. She loves doing this to toys since she thinks they are so cute. However, she can only breath life into five at a time. (In actuality the number is six, but Alice loves her doll Mary Ann quite a lot.) Her other power is that she can flip the aspects of an item or person. Examples would be air becoming solid, or fire becoming cold and damp, as well as dark. A human example is that of a brave, strong person. If affected they will become meek and cowardly, and any abilites they have will be reversed as well.  On rare occasions this has affected a persons morality as well.  If the person has an alternate personality, then the alternate personality will take over instead of a complete reversal.


Cheshire- Alice loves Cheshire very much, and she will stay by his side through the thick and thin.