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Biographical Information
Full Name Alucard
Alias None
Other Name(s)
Age 19 (Looks)

As Old as Pitch (really)

Home Pitch's Lair
Occupation(s) Monster under the Bed
Morality Evil
Gender Male
Race Fearling
Eye Color Silver
Hair Color Black
Relative(s) Pitch
Affiliation(s) Monster Under the Bed

Fearling Prince

Allies Pitch


Minions Fearlings
Enemies Jack Frost






Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Darkness Manipulation

Fear inducement

Weakness(es) Light


Equipment Scarf of fear

Daggers of Darkness

Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen


Alucard was created when Pitch was turned into, Pitch. Alucard was Pitch's son before Pitch was turned evil, and when Pitch was turned evil he had turned Alucard evil too. 

Alucard has been with Pitch ever sense, no matter were they go or what they do. He is always there with his father, Alucard is known as The Monster Under The Bed to almost all children, he is so strongly believed in that it's almost impossible to make children forget about him.

Unlike his father, Alucard doesn't really care about destroying The Guardians. Though he dislikes them a lot, he really doesn't want them to be killed. But he does help his father with whatever task he is given and or doing at the moment. He doesn't really care about what The Guardians do or 'protect' children.


Alucard is known to be very sly and cunning, he twists words and he can fool you with his voice. He lures children from the safety of their beds and takes them to Pitch's lair to become Fearlings, he enjoys scaring children and doesn't care what they do or say.

He is very uncaring and only cares about himself, he hates helping others and doesn't like others to tell him what to do. 


Alucard is known to carry a scarf with him where ever he goes, this scarf is used to control people and turn him into a shadow and scary monster known to children all over the world.

Alucard can also use Darkness Manipulation and Fear Inducement against anyone and anything, he sometimes controls children to fight with him and against the guardians.