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Attitulo is a spirit who does a very important job.  The day a person is given their name, Attitulo presents that person it.  Without their name, a person would have not have any emotions.


Attitulo has a shrouded history, however, there are speculations that he is Timothy's twin brother due to their many similarities, but this is unproven since Attitulo's face is hidden by his blank mask.


Attitulo is similar in stature, build, and hair color, to Timothy Rune.  However, Attitulo's face is covered by a white mask with absolutely no feature, so no one knows exactly for sure what he looks like.  He wears a brown hoodie, regular jeans, with a pair of black sneakers.


Attitulo seems to be a relatively calm spirit, but he is also relatively shy, and doesn't interact much with any other spirits.

Magical AbilitiesEdit

Attitulo approaches a person so he can give them their name, as well as their true name.  Their true name is a powerful name, if a person know their own true name, they can learn to unlock their true potential.  However, if someone else knows it, they have complete control over the person who owns it.  Attitulo, knows the true name of everyone, and can use this to his advantage, as well as for others.  As a defence, Attitulo has a small knife, with which he can remove the name of a person from someone's memory, as well as any memories including the person.


Marcus- This is who Attitulo is said to be.

Timothy Rune- There is a rumor that Attitulo is Timothy's twin brother, no one knows for sure though.



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