Caroline GreenWay
Biographical Information
Full Name Caroline Everfield GreenWay
Alias Good
Other Name(s) Creative Fairy Carol 'GW'
Age 16
Birthplace Art Studio
Home Art Studio (formerly)

The Guardian's Lair

Occupation(s) Guardian of Creativity
Gender Female
Race Spirit
Eye Color purple
Hair Color Black
Relative(s) Unnamed parents (deceased)

Betrothed unnamed man (deceased) younger male cousin (deceased)

Allies The Guardians

Joy Sophie human artists

Minions Her paint brush/wand
Enemies Pitch
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) able to draw and comes to life (literally) paint brush can transform into a fighting weapon ect;sword. paint palate as a shield, other artistic tools.
Weakness(es) no creativity, when others stop imagining.
Equipment artist's apron hat, art palate,paint brush, art tools.
Background Information
First Seen "Rise of The Guardians" beginning
Last Seen Rise of The Guardians Credits

"All you gotta do is be Creative!"

                                 Caroline is one of the Major protagonists in "Rise of The Guardains"

she's the Guardian of Art!

the rest is Coming soon!


  •  she has special connection with Sophie (Jamie's little sister) she feels like a older sister-figure to her,
  •   her signatire colour is green
  • Her center is creativity.
  • She's a female version of Jack Frost though her attribute is creativity Jack's of Fun.
  • she's older than museums and antiques, but she's younger than egyptian heiroglyphics
  •  her paint brush was strongly inspired by Rapunzel (Barbie) paint brush, and is able to draw things then magically comes to life!  
  • she's the second one to be a female guardian (first being Toothina aka Tooth fairy)