Cupid is the Guardian of Love. Him and Jack Frost have a rivalry, mostly for Tooth's attractions. He has brown hair, brown eyes, a bow and a quiver of arrows, and wings.


Cupid is a ladies man through and through. His arrows, when he want's them to, can launch at men and women, and when they arrows hit them, though harmless, can make the person fall head over heels for the first man/woman they see. He mostly does this for fun, which is a mischievous side of his personality.

He has a good sense of humor. He is also sarcastic. He get's on Jack's nerves sometimes, but they are good friends. He dosen't like the way humans portray him with a diaper and make him look like a baby. Jack often teases him for this.


Cupid has spiky brown hair, brown eyes, and a killer smoulder. He dresses very rougish, which he know's can catch a ladies eye.

He has a quiver strapped to his back, and a magic bow that never leaves his side. he has large angel-like wings on his back.