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She is the guardian of nature and has a rivalry with Jack Frost. Soon after though, she and Jack realize they have feelings for one another. Dalphine also has a bipolar side,Valentine. Who, despite her name and holiday has a deep hatred for everyone. Dalphine is based on the Mother Nature character in the original series.


Dalphine suffered a massive amonunt of trauma from losing her father (Pitch Black) to the fearlings.Once they see eachother he no longer recognizes her as his daughter and she is heartbroken.She ends up losing the will to live with depression and Man in Moon makes her into the guardian of nature where her purpose is life.Still suffering from her depression she soon becomes bipolar.Thus, creating Valentine, her almost exact oppositte. Later on, Man in Moon reveals to her that she is so pure only because she let all of her evil into Valentine, who soon reveals herself in front of the other guardians when fighting Pitch Black. Dalphine must overcome her trauma to truly accept the fact she is in love with Jack Frost. Dalphine gets help from her other side (Valentine) Who, despite all of the hatred she has shown to Dalphine and everyone, has the pure intention of shielding Dalphine`s heart from being broken again. Valentine then truly accepts the fact that she and Dalphine both are in love with Jack Frost. This realization unites Dalphine and Valentine together as one.



Dalphine mourning over the relationship her and Pitch had

Dalphine has flowing black waist length hair with green eyes. Although she favors the sword,she is forced to use a bow and arrow after her sword was destroyed by Pitch. She has a very petite figure and looks small and frail.She usually wears a floor length dress and walks around barefoot. She sometimes wears white lilies in her hair and wears a gentle smile.

Valentine on the other hand never wears a smile until she is comforting Dalphine. Valentine wears a leather jacket with a short, red dress and combat boots.Unlike Dalphine she favors the bowand arrow but uses magic at times. Valentine has the same figure and hair as Dalphine with the only difference in their eyes. Valentine has deep marune colored eyes.