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Drippet (2012)

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Drippet is a Guardian who washed out of the Amazon River.  He is the personification of flowing water.  He is the Guardian of energy with a signiture color of teal.  He doesn't like people making fun of his name, no matter how...strange it is.


Drippet was born as Azul Puro in an area of Central America.  His father had taken him on a traveling expedition in the Amazon rainforest and were stopped at a village at the time.  Azul had many friends in the village and was very kind for all of them.  The fateful day happend when Azul's friends were playing around.  One of the younger boys had a baby monkey for a pet, and it fell into the river, the younger boy jumped in after it without thinking, and Azul had no choice but to help him.  As Azul came back up with the boy, he slipped and fell back in.  The village and his father mourned after this happened.  The night after Azul fell in, the moon shone upon him bright and he came up from his dark sleep.  Azul, now Drippet, had been told he could no longer go back to his father and the village.  Broken-hearted about leaving his only family and friends, Drippet slunk beneath the surface and went to where the current took him.


Drippet has dark brown hair, almost black.  His skin is tanned and his eyes are copper flecked with brown.  His wardrobe is sadly limited, and he can only wear a pair of black and sea green swimming trunks.

Magical AbilitiesEdit

Drippet can speak to the water itself.  He can also speak to animals that live in the water, but he finds them uncomfortable.  Seven magical fishhooks hover around him wherever he goes.  He uses these to protect himself and maybe catch a bite to eat.  Besides that, each hook works as a property of pure water: unpredictable movements, fluid motions, quickness, cleansing, refreshing, clarity, and sustenance of life.  As well as all this he can breath underwater, however if the water is polluted quite a lot he may not be able to stay there for long.