"G`day mate, you might want to duck"

E. A Nymund was the great great great great great nephew of E.Aster Bunnymund and the junior Guardian of hope.


E. A had eight brothers and sisters, his parents were Ethan and Ellen Nymund. He was also the distant cousin of Terra Nymund.


Like Bunny, E. A was tough, fearless, compassionate, had nerves of steel and was full of hope.


E. A had mud brown hair that he often pulled back into a ponytail. His outfit usually resembles an explorer's, with khaki shorts, fedora, leather armguards, and was usually barefoot. In his Pooka form he resembles Bunny, with leather armguards and holster and gray, white tipped fur. Like Bunny his signature color is green.


E. A`s signature weapons were boomerang. He was also skilled in martial arts.