Guadians: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is an 3d animated special by dreamworks.


It's Halloween at Santoff Claussen, The Guardians (Chris Pine, Alec Baldwin, Jennifer Lawrence, Hugh Jackman, Isla Fisher and Catherine Zeta-Jones) are getting ready for the Hollow trick-or-treat night, but Bunnymund gets tricked by Jack. He yells at Jack, saying no one would care if he went missing. Jack runs away to Sleepy Hollow and stumbles a boy named lchabod Crane (Zechary Quinto) who under a evil curse. This evil curse will turn him into the headless Horseman by the hollow. Can The Guardians -with the help of Tall William (Chris Hemsworth)- break the curse and stop a vile man who wants to use the hollow's magic for evil purposes?


Chiris Pine as Jack Frost

Alec Baldwin as North

Hugh Jackman as Bunnymund

Jennifer Lawrence as Emma Snow

Catherine Zeta-Jones as South

Isla Fisher as Tooth

Chris Hemsworth as Tall Williem

Emma Stone as Katherine

John Goodman as Ombirc

Zechary Quinto as Ichabod Crane

Jack McBreyer as Buddy the elf