Hayden, is the Guardian of Excitment.

Biographical Information
Full Name Hayden Evette Halliwell
Alias Banshee, Witch, Mermaid, Princess, etc.
Other Name(s) Hallow Eve
Age 16 (chronologically)

Several Hundred Years Old

Birthplace Rome, Italy
Occupation(s) Guardian of Excitment
Morality Neutral (formerly)

Good (currently)

Gender Female
Race Human (Originally)

Fall Spirit (Currently)

Eye Color Olive Green
Hair Color Brown w/Orange Highlights
Relative(s) Unknown Mother and Father
Affiliation(s) the Guardians
Allies Fellow Guardians
Minions Werewolves (formerly stray dogs) and Scarecrows
Enemies Pitch
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Piercing Scream, Fall Magic, Flight, Excitement Inducement, etc.
Weakness(es) Loss of Believers, No Guising, etc.
Equipment Broom Stick
Background Information
First Seen The Guardians: Hallows' Eve
Last Seen

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Fall Magic:Edit

As the Spirit of Fall, Hayden commands wind, rain, and fog. She also has control over plants, as they relate to harvest. Hayden, is able to use the wind to act as telekinesis. Hayden has minor control over fire. She is very skilled in using this particular magic, as she could simultaneously, controlled these abilities. Hayden, as the Spirit of Halloween, can transform stray dogs into wolves, and uses them as her minions. She can also, mentally control scarecrows.


Hayden can fly, using the winds,

Piercing Scream:Edit

As Hayden is the Spirit of Halloween, one of the most scariest nights of every year, Hayden can scream, petrifing or making other's excited. When she screams, a whole town can hear. 

Magic of Excitment:Edit

Hayden is able to make others emotions go hyper-active, she can make people feel joy, hyper activeness, enthusiasm, eagerness, etc. 

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