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Crane: Headless Horseman and Guardian of Courage

Crane also known as The Headless Horseman is the Patron Spirit of Halloween, and Guardian of Courage.

Past LifeEdit

Ichabod Crane after losing his life to a poser of the Headless Horseman (Brom Bones), he awoke finding himself missing his head and in its place a flame with eyes, and well being dressed in knighly halloween armor, he heard the voice of The Man in The Moon, at first he was bitter, looking for revenge against Brom, but when he rencountered him in fury, he saw the terror in Brom's eyes...Crane realized what wrong he could have brought. He spared him and took off with his horse Isabell with flaming sword in one hand and pumpkin shield in the other and taking the Jack-O-Lantern head. Sheding his shell of hate and fear, and becoming a symbol of courage for all children confronting their fears. Every Halloween he rides through the night, watching the children, keeping an eye out for Pitch and his army of demons.


Crane is a soft spoken gentleman, spoheisticated, very intelligent, and to a degree poetic. His relations with all his fellow gaurdians are well rounded but his large vocabulary often confuses North and Jack.