This page lists fan-canon material from Rise of the Guardians 2, in regards to the characters.

Main CharactersEdit

Jack Frost:Edit

  • His signature color is blue, and signature shape is a hexagon (like a snowflake).
  • Does not know his purpose and will not become a Guardian until he finds it.
  • Jack Frost, The Sandman, and Pitch are spirits.
  • He is said to be 300 years old. This has been confirmed by the creators of the movie, but Peter Ramsey says that he's physically 17 years old, while William Joyce, creator of the series, states that Jack is 14. It is commonly accepted that this is merely a minor difference between canon sources.
  • He was previously going to be voiced by Leonardo di Caprio, but is actually voiced by Chris Pine.
  • His full name is Jackson Overland Frost. 
  • He wants to be believed in, and feels that the other guardians treat him unfairly.
  • Though not a Guardian until the end of the film, the art book names him the Guardian of Fun.
  • He knows Parkour and Martial Arts.
  • Before Jack became Jack Frost, he died and The Man in the Moon revived him. But in the novels, neither North, Tooth, Bunnymund nor Sandy experienced death before becoming a Guardian, making Jack a unique case.

Emma Snow:Edit

  • Her signature is white/silver, and signature shape is a Star
  • She is voiced by Jennifer Lawrence.
  • Her full name is Emmaline Harlow Snow                                     
  • She is the Guardian of Light.