"You're not Jack,""No, I`m Jamie, Jamie Frost."

Jamie Bennett Frost was Jack Frost`s sister`s descendant and the junior Guardian of fun.


Jamie had a younger sister named Sophie, his parents were Jason James  and Jennifer Bennett. He was also the distant cousin of Jillian Overland. He later married his childhood sweetheart Tiana Faer and they had three children, whose names were Jaclyn, Tito, and Ana.


Like Jack, Jamie was mischievous, athletic, serious, and at his center was fun. Jamie`s strong belief allowed him to access his powers instinctively


His hair was brown with white streaks. His outfit resembles Jack`s, with a dark blue hoodie, brown knee length pants, and was usually barefoot.


Like Jack, Jamie`s signature weapon was his staff. When he first gained his powers he used Jack`s staff before he was given his own.

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