Janus Chance is the Guardian of Destiny.  


Janus was once a Roman thief, almost famous for his ability to escape anything and everything.  Yet, he had no one and no one had him.  His life changed one day when he woke up to find himself bound by rope, while a man stood above him.  This man told Janus that he would give Janus two options, take the man's gift or the man would turn Janus in for the bounty.  Janus, agitated and confused, took what seemed to be the obvious decision.  However, immediately after agreeing to take the gift, the man placed a curse upon Janus.  He was forced to take over the work the man had left him.  Janus must watch over the world's many major events, making sure each one happens properly.  If Janus decides to overlook or rebel, the two-faced tattoo that the man had seared onto Janus' neck to establish the curse will cause Janus' appearance to change ever so slightly into that which he fears to be.


Janus is a tall and thin 18-year-old looking teen.  His hair a black mess with a dark red streak in it, and his skin has an olive complexion.  One eye is green, the other has been turned an ash white by a mistake of his.  Janus has taken a liking to silk and wears a dark brown shirt and tan pants.  He wears a pair of black sneakers and a maroon newsboy cap.  Around his neck he wears a red scarf and he has a scarlet jacket.  If he bleeds, liquid gold leaks out of his body instead of blood.  He has a pair of crow wings folded against his back if needed.  He wears a crow feather bracelet, from his mother, on his left wrist.  There is a double-faced tattoo seared onto his neck with a red and black colouration.


Janus is still as mischevious as he was when he was still a thief in Ancient Rome.  Occasionally he still steals, but since he has no real use for it anymore...its not as common.  Otherwise he's a relatively cheery person, with a likable attitude.  Of course, he has his moments once or twice...or sixty times.  He can be sarcastic, and has fun teasing various people for various reasons.

Magical AbilitesEdit

Janus has the ability to open or close any path.  He can create a guiding light, or a misleading shadow if he has the need to influence a person.  To protect himself he has an old stiletto dagger that closes the wound at the same time it slices inward.  If faced with an obstacle, he has a keychain of seven different keys that each has a different ability.  These include:  Intuition (Intuitu), Strength (Fortitudo), Speed (Celeritas), Intimidation (Terroris), Intelligence (Intelligentia), Truth (Veritas), and Luck (Fortuna).  His mother has given him a gift of tactical knowledge.