Jill Frost
Biographical Information
Full Name Jillian Overland Frost
Other Name(s) Flee
Birthplace Burgess
Occupation(s) The Guardians
Morality Good
Gender Female
Race Human(Originally)
Winter Spirit(Currertly)
Eye Color Brown(Originally)
Hair Color Brown(Originally)
Relative(s) Jack Frost(Brother)
Emma Snow(Sister in law)
Allies North
Enemies The Groundhog
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Wind,snow,cold
Equipment Staff
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Jill Frost is Jack's Sister who he lost.

Guardians: The Secret of the FrostEdit

Like Jack, Jill was once a human being who live with her mother and her brother 300 years before the current timeline,like her currernt form, Jill liked to have fun with brother and her friends. When Jill and Jack got themselves in serious trouble when Jill was standing on the thin and cracked of the pond, he save her but the cost of Jack's own life. After this, Jill and her mother got themselves in a similar situation She ushering Her mother to come slowly move off in the ice, Jill saves her and like Jack, Jill falls to her death, The Man in Moon, seeing Jill's selfless act of heroism and sacrifice, shines his light and transforms Jill into a Winter Spirit, of which rises up from the frozen pond and she is reborm, when Jill was reborm She lost all memory of her previous life and eventually became a slave to the Groundhog


Jill is often shy and kind of those around her, as well as a free dreamer. At first she is seen as little calm and nervous. When she was still human she cared strongly for Jack and, although act like the mature sibling rather than the young sibling, of the two, was quite playful. however ever since her skating incidents, results both jack and her dying the lake, causting the two of them to become winter spirits, but with no memories of each other, Jill was forced into servitude by the groundhog and spend her life underground. At a result, Jill developed a great of fear of the dark and chose to keep things to rather then communicate. However, whenever pressured by groundhog, she forced do into forced do things that doesn't concern her.

Despite her fears, Jill shows to care her friends as more than her fear to the groundhog as she was start to close to the guardians when realizes that start in her feel guily. in the end she helps to defeat the groundhog and restore the holidays.


Jill has straight white hair, reaching between her elbows and shoulders. Her eyes are blue and has a noticeable beauty mark under her right eye. She wear a blue Sweater with red diamonds on it and brown skirt. 


  • She was voice by Olivia Mattingly in Rise of the Guardians,She now voice by Ariel Winter in Guardians: The Secret of the Frost.
  • People including her Brother call her Flee, Because she can could jump and run fast. However, on that fateful day she was too afraid.