"We protect the hope, joy, wonder, fun, dreams and memories of childhood. Naughty or nice, we protect them all."

The Junior Guardians was a group of kids that was chosen by the Man in the Moon to help the Guardians with protecting the children of the world.


Nichol San Nikaas

Jamie Bennett 

Tiana Faer

Samuel"Sammy" McSanderson

E.A Nymund

Chase McGoose


The Junior Guardians were formed when the Guardians disappeared. They were all related to one of the Guardians and were chosen based on that. Their duties consisted mainly of watching over Guardians` different realms, protecting the children of the world, and continuing the Guardians` various duties.


The Crossroad was the choice that a Junior Guardian had to make at age seventeen to either stay as a Junior Guardian or leave it behind forever.


The Junior Guardians are not the only relatives of the Guardians. There are others, such as Nikaas St North, Sandra McSanderson, Sophie Bennett, and others. These people share similar powers/occupations as the Junior Guardians and the Guardians. They often keep an eye out for nightmares, missing Guardians, etc. They stayed in contact with either one of the Guardians or one of the Junior Guardians.