"Oh God, please tell me you didn't skip class again.

-Laura Harlow

Laura Harlow is the first believer of [Nightlight], the Guardian of Imagination. She first started believing in Nightlight when she was 10, the same age that Jamie Bennett began believing in Jack Frost. She believed in all the Guardians at first. However, like the majority of kids, she lost her belief in most of the Guardians. The only Guardians she still believes in are Nightlight and Katherine, the Guardian of Storytelling. 

Personality Edit

Laura is usually sharp and intelligent. However, she can also be very insensitive, and that results in upsetting people. She is also very forgetful, so has to work harder than others in order to achieve things, due to her memory being not as good. 


Laura has pale skin, with light brown hair and hazel eyes. She has a build of 100lbs and averages in height at 5 foot 5. Due to her personality, it is assumed that she has a look of awareness on her face most of the time. 


North - an acquaintance. She only used to believe in him when she was little. 

Sandman - again, an acquaintance. 

Bunnymund - a friend of hers when she was little, but she doesn't believe in him any more. 

Toothiana - she wants to believe in her, she does. She just doesn't have the faith. 

Jack Frost - a stranger. She didn't know him before, doesn't know him now. 

Pitch - a stranger. Laura, oddly, never used to believe in him when she was a child. 

Emily Jane Pitchiner - Laura never believed in Mother Nature. 

Nightlight - Friends. Laura and him hang out sometimes when she doesn't have work and he doesn't have to go after bad guys. 

Katherine - Friends. Laura sees Katherine as a big sister, and looks up to her and admires her. She thinks she's a genius. 

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Due to Laura being human, she has no powers or abilities. 


Again, due to Laura being human, she has no weapons. However, if there was an enemy and there was something in the room, she'd use that to hit the enemy.

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