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Lynx in lynx form.

  Lynxia (Aka Lynx) is a constellation in the sky. In the book, The Sandman and the War of Dreams, it mentio

ns constellation and comets, plus other space ideals. Lynx is one of the constellations. All of the stars represent a life of hope, wonder, and friendship for children. Lynx is the only constellation that was chosen as Guardian, because she was as young as a newborn fly. She would grow to be a beautiful star, she was the most caring and friendly. As when the stars grow, they become matured stars, known as  "constellation", and form a pattern with other matured stars. Lynx has uncountable stars in her constellation.


Lynx has the center of Friendship. She keeps it in children. She was officially twelve in human years. In star form she's over any number you can think of! She has a big passion for music and archery. She is not human, so she can not touch a harp or any insturment to play. She isn't stopped by her paws. She plays msic through her mind. Lynx has magicka, magic of any kind, except healing. Stars already live up until they burn out, but constellations never burn out. Lynx has a bow and a

rrow, a magic arrow to be exact.

Guardian RelationshipEdit

Bunny: Lynx has a love interest in Bunnymund. She cannot keep her eyes off of him!

Jack Frost: Lynx loves to hang out with Jack. She loves to have snowball fights with him, because she can hold three snowballs in her hand because of her big paws!

North: Lynx and North are very wise. They have a big relationship of friendship. Lynx considers him a "dad".

Tooth: Lynx let's Tooth check her teeth, but as usual, a Lynx doesn't care about teeth.

Sandy: Lynx agrees with Sandy a lot, and can talk to him through her mind. She can translate to the other Guardians. She met Sandy in space.


"Do not, I said, DO NOT, hurt any children!"

"My senses suspect a presence nearby..."

"Pitch! You've gone way too far you little rat!"

"If you feel underestimated, just notice, you are something..."