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Mid Noon

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Mid Noon is not a Guardian, but a strong spirit who personifies time itself.  Ironically he cannot remember the hour, minute, day, or even the year. 


Mid was once a boy by the name of Otto Zeitnehmer.  He lived in the Black Forest of Germany, and was an apprentice to a local cuckoo clock maker.  One day the shop was invaded because Otto's master was accused of treason.  Thinking quickly Otto had his master escape through the back, and Otto would say no one was here.  Unexpectedly, when he told the police force they did not believe him.  They shot him and ransacked the shop.


Mid Noon wears a pale gray jacket over a white shirt.  His pants are also grey and he wears black shoes.  He wears a dark grey newsboy cap.  His skin is light, but he can never sunburn.  His eyes are grey, and his hair is a luminescent silver.


Mid loves to talk, but he always keeps switching from future to present to past tense.  This greatly confuses many people.  He likes to explore but never really finds the time. 

Magical AbilitesEdit

Mid has a small sick which he can use to speed up or slow down things around him.  He can also make things age, normally and in reverse.  He prefers to use this ability on inorganic matter, because he is afraid of what would happen to a living thing.  Sometime he seems to teleport but that is not the case.  In actuality he is unconciously bends time around him, (he stays at normal speed, but everyone else seems to go much slower) and then turns it back to normal a little later.


Timothy Rune- Mid is currently searching Timothy's memory to see if Timothy's brother Marcus is somehow possible.  He hasn't really had any real clues since the Cold War.

Rosie- There is no doubt that Mid is in love with Rosie.  He is constantly trying to woo her, but does not seem to be heard.