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Pan is the Guardian of all thing wild.


Pan was once a lost orphan in the forest, and had no known name to call his own.  He was raised by the wild beasts of the forest, and in turn did his best to protect them from hunters.  One day, he sacrificed himself to save a young leopard cub, and was later revived and made a guardian.


Pan resembles a 12 year old boy with green skin and hair.  His eyes however are a deep brown.  He wears simple clothing, made from hide. He is always accompanied by the leopard cub he saved, Frey.


Pan behaves like a normal peson most of the time, but can be extremely immature at times.  He cares a lot about nature, to the extent where it can be called unhealthy.

Magic AbilitiesEdit

When Pan screams, any living animal or person around is filled with adrenaline.  He can also speak to the animals and control a plants growth.  He carries a small pouch of magic seeds on his belt that can grow at an incredible rate when they touch soil.



  • Jack Frost discovered him hibernating in a cave in the middle of winter.