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​​"Hey! You.  Yes, you.  How would you like a little something from me."

Ra is one half of the Man in the Moon's brother, but not the good half.  Ra is all that the Egyptians hoped he would be when he split; a  strong, cruel, leader who they could worship as a god.  Looking back in history you can see how it turned out for him.  However, since he is just one half of a whole, he doesn't have as much power as the entire being.  Many are glad of that, if Ra had his way the world would have burned to ashes by now.


Ra is a tall man, with narrow dark eyes, and black hair.  His clothes consist of a crimson dress suit and pants, along with shoes of the deepest red.  Ra also gives off an aura of authority, making it easy to get henchmen and underlings.


Ra has strength that is four times that of a normal man, and firepower to boot.  This "firepower" consists of a ray a pure flame that he can control at will, and a blinding white flash of intense heat.  Ra uses a khopesh as a weapon and can constantly keep it at a temperature just shy of the sun.  When Ra stole strength from his other half Sol, he gained the ability to fly.  Using his newfound strength he learned how to make scorpions from flame and sand.

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