"G`day mate," "You're a kangaroo," "Pooka, actually mate." The relatives of Bunny were a group of people that were related to E.Aster Bunnymund.


The relatives of Bunny were all descended from his sisters Hope, April. The Nymunds from Hope, the Marches from April.


E.A Nymund

Allen Nymund

Rosa March

Hope Nymund

Arnold Nymund

Powers and abilitiesEdit

The relatives of Bunny had many similar powers. They all had enhanced agility, endurance, and hearing exceeding the average person`s. Very few of them could turn into pookas. The Marches could make anything grow anywhere. The Nymunds were the athletes.


All relatives of Bunny had either black, mud brown, or light brown hair. They were also extremely tall (the shortest one was only 6 feet tall, the tallest was 7 feet 3 inches). Some of the males had facial hair.