"The line of frost stretches from one generation to the next, there will always be a Frost."

The relatives of Jack Frost were a group of people that were related to Jack Frost.


The relatives of Jack Frost were all descended from his sisters Emma and Jillian, and his brothers Karl and Will. The Bennetts were descended from Emma, the Winters from Jillian, and the Overlands from Karl and Will.


Jamie Bennett Frost

Jaclyn "Peri" Bennett

Jill Overland

Lyn Bennett

Jon Overland

Liah Winters

Sara "Snow" Winters

Powers and abilitiesEdit

All of the relatives of Jack Frost loved the cold, and the winter months. But very few of them had Jack`s powers of ice and snow. The few that did concealed them very well. Due to intermarriage between them and the relatives of Tooth many relatives had wings and excellent memory. All the relatives of Jack Frost had great agility and endurance exceeding the average person`s.