this is a fanmade movie based on the movie rise of the guardians

Name The War of Winter
Number 2
Previous Rise of the Guardians


this takes place about 2 years sence there battle against pitch black.

jack frost and the other guarians are still protecting the world but once night children begin to go missing wich are causeing fear to eliminate the belifes of the guardians. at first the guardians blame it on pitch black but it is revealed that he had no part of this. soon on a date together, jack and toothiana find out what has realy been going on. a sinister winter spirit is reaking havoc and is slaying the humans in order to feast. with this new threat on the lose jack frost must do the must unthinkable thing to do. jack must join forces with the boogey man in this war of winter inorder to stop this winter spirit.

main charactersEdit

jack frost: a new guardian gifted with the power of ice and snow

pitch black: the frightning boogey man gifted with the pwoer of nightmares and past enemy of the guardians

wendigo/ william moncreaf: a savage creature feasting on humans and atempting to turn the world into a new ice age

north: the jolly yet fearce santa clause that we think we know

toothiana: the beautiful and energetic tooth fairy who has a crush on jack frost

easter bunny: an australlian rabbat who is as wild as the outback and has a temper as short as the eggs he paints

sand man: the silent yet jolly guardian of dreams gifted with the power od dreams.

baby tooth: a small tooth fairy who works for toothiana