Rise of the Guardians 3 is upcoming fiim American 3D computer-animated fantasy based on Willian Joyce's The Guardians of Childhood and the Man in the Moon short film.

Set after the second film, in this film North aka Santa Claus is becoming bored of his responsibilities of a Guardian.


The people of Santoff Claussen who tormented by North(Alec Baldwin),in order to get him out of their vilage for good, they go to their leader Ombirc(John Goodman) for help, who reform him to show the centers of himself, but he refuse to take this lesson by heart. However he see katherine(Emma Stone) and her two friends Till William(Chris Hermsworth) and Nightlight get pursued by monsters, North get the others to into the vilage to safety. Before Ombirc put up a protective barrier around the village, reducing the cause of his's anti-social behavior. Rather than making him the village, Ombirc told him to stay and as a reward for saving his daughter he turned him into a guardian.

300 years later, Jack Frost(Chris Pine) is plague by nightmares about North going evil and betrayed the Guardians. Meanwhile at the North Pole, North is becoming bored of his responibilities of a guardian and


Alec Baldwin as North, The Guardian of Wonder and the main protagonist.

Chris Pine as Jack Frost, The Guardian of Fun and the deuteragoist.

Catherine Zeta-Jones as South, North's love interest and the second deuteragoist.

Jennifer Lawrence as Emma Snow, The Guardian of Safe and Jack's girlfriend/wife.

Hugh Jackman as Bunnymund, The Guardian of Hope.

Isla Fisher as Tooth, The Guardian of Memories.

John Goodman as Ombirc, The leader of Santoff Claussen and Katherine's aboptive father.

Emma Stone as Katherine, Ombirc's aboptive daughter.

Chris Hemsworth as Tall William, a resident of Santoff Claussen.

Karl Urban as Sewwn, the main antagontst.

Jack McBrayer as Buddy the elf

Sandy,The Guardian of dreams.

Nightlight, The Guardian of Wishes and a resident of Santoff Claussen.