Rosie's dagger
Rosie's bow
Rosie is the Guardian of Love.She appears as a 14-year-old girl with long red hair.She wears a t-shirt and pants that are white with gold trim.She is usually seen carrying her signature weapon:a white bow etched with gold,and a quiver of heart-tipped arrows,as well as a white and gold dagger.


Rosie became a Guardian during the Dark Ages.She and her brother,Matthew were playing in a forest,when a massive grizzly bear appeared and charged Matthew.She leaped in front of the grizzly,and it clawed her stomach.Then it loped away,leaving her bleeding heavily.When her heart almost ceased to beat,the light of a full moon shone on her,and she knew she was destined to be a Guardian.


JACK FROST-Rosie at first considers Jack to be an irresponsible brat,but later comes to see him as a lonely boy who just wants to be believed in.She now considers Jack her foster brother.

NORTH-Rosie is very friendly towards North,because Christmas is about being with your loved ones.North acts as sort of a father figure for Rosie.



SANDMAN-Rosie is in awe of the Sandman,as he is the oldest and most mysterious of the Guardians.

TIMOTHY RUNE-When Rosie saw Timothy for the first time,her heart almost stopped again.She asked him on a date several times,but he usually said no.Finally,she asked him if he would like to go to a graveyard,and he agreed.Timothy picked a white rose and handed it to her,and kissed her.







"Awww,they look so cute together."

"Pipe down! You'll blow our cover!"

"We need to get those cards to the post office,but I have no idea where it is."

Interesting facts about RosieEdit

  • Rosie has a big temper and gets angry easily.