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Sol is the Guardian of Light and he is the personification of the Sun itself.  His signature color is gold.


Sol is one half of the Man on the Moon's brother.  This happened during the time of Ancient Egypt.  The Egyptians had decided to worship him and he had mixed feelings about it.  A part of him wanted to rule the Egyptians, just like they wanted, but the other part of him thought it wouldn't be right to rule over them as his own.  The latter part wanted to watch them from afar and help them only their times of great need.  He had internal conflict for a many years. Eventually this fracture in his ideas caused a unexplainable unnatural phenomenon, and his whole body split into two personalities.  One half was Sol, the personality that watched, weaker than the other half, he is stuck in the body of a young child.  Ra, as the other half called himself, was everything the Egyptians had ever wished for.  Sol is now "hunting" Ra, so that they may come to an agreement somehow, and stop all the madness.


Sol has the appearance of a small six year old, his hair is golden yellow, and his eyes are a shining yellow.  He wears a large white and yellow shirt, the yellow is a single stripe down the center with a circular spot in the middle and yellow lines on the cuffs and base.  His pants are completely white, and his shoes have golden soles.  


Sol is the embodiment of the soft light from the sun, he can create soft glows for sight and small bursts of heat.  At one point in time, Ra stole most of the power that Sol still had after the Seperation, and as a result long lasting flares and flight are no longer an option.