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Wishing Star 'Starla'
Biographical Information
Full Name Wishing Star
Alias Starla
Other Name(s)
Age 19 (Appearance)
Birthplace None
Home None
Occupation(s) Guardian of Wishes
Gender Female
Race Starling
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Multi-Color
Affiliation(s) The Guardians
Allies Jack Frost





Man in the Moon


Enemies Pitch


Grim "Grimmy" Reaper


Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Magic

Time manipulation

Light Manipulation

Weakness(es) Water



Equipment Throwing Stars (Literally Stars)
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen


Starla is from a race called 'Starlings', they are the shining stars in the sky and they bring light to the darkness. They aided Nightlight when he brought Manny to the world and they also helped defeat Pitch. But they were destroyed and their race disappeared.

Starla was one of the Starlings to survive and was sent to earth to watch over the children, and also wait for Nightlight to return. The others stayed in the sky and remained shining down on earth and bringing light to the night. 

Starla was never actually made a Guardian of Wishes, she just always called herself that. It gave her a little boost of courage and bravery whenever she needed it. She has been on earth for almost as long as she can remember, she was there when Pitch and Nightlight returned, she was there when Jack was made a Guardian and all the etc.

Starla had never forgotten what she was sent to do, after Nightlight and Pitch returned. She gave herself a new purpose after they returned, and that was to watch over all the children in the world. And to bring children their wishes.


Starla is known to be bubbly and fun, she is a little crazy at times and tends to get very hyper when she eats a lot of sweets. She doesn't like to remain quiet or not being able to be free, she is wild at times too and has that crazy look in her eyes all the time.

Though when she has to, she can become quiet and serious. But only when it is absolutely necessary, though she will fittle around in her seat and make noises and such to try to keep herself entertained.

Powers and AbilitesEdit

Starla is known to be able to control various things, one of the things she is most known to be able to control is the way children think and see. She is able to change their point of view to something happy and dreamy instead of something sad or scary.

She is also able to bend light to her will, some of the things she is able to make with light is a whip or a wolf. She also uses Light bending at night to make curtain pictures or drawings in the sky. She likes to do that when children are wishing to let them imagine.


Starla carries a pack of throwing stars with her on her shorts, she uses these sometimes to get peoples attention or to simply practice throwing. She can make them glow and shine in dark places, and she can change their color too.

Sometimes she uses Light bending to create weapons, like swords or whips to use in battle. But she prefers not to use these to other options.