The Groundhog
Biographical Information
Full Name Ground
Other Name(s)
Home Canada
Morality Bad
Gender Male
Race Rooko
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Relative(s) Rookos
Minions Mud and Dirt
Enemies Jill Frost
Jack Frost
Emma Snow
Buddy the elf(all Formely)
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Grounds Prowess
Equipment Gauntlet
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
The Groundhog is the main antagonist in Guardians: The Secret of The Frost.

Rise of The GuardiansEdit

He was mentioned when the Man in the Moon was about to a reveal the identity of the new Guardian. Bunnymund hoped it would not be him.

Guardians: The Secret of The FrostEdit

before Jack Frost and Emma Snow became guardians, Bunnymund saw The Groundhog walking near North, The Groundhog asked to become a guardian but North refused saying that he was not ready for the responsibility and duties of a guardian, outrage the groudhog tried to kill North as revenge for being rejected. Bunnymund and the other guardians fought him. His magic gauntlet from his hand stopped attacks from North and the Guardians. He managed to injure North.

Although he mansge from his injuries, the Groundhog was never seen again

Guardians: The Legend of Sleepy HollowEdit


The Groundhog is really full of jealous and spite and like 'Pitch' and  'The Monkey King'. He is hatefull to The Guardians especially Bunnymund who believed in and beloved by children and Jack Frost who was chosen by the Man in the Moon,make him a egotistical,manipulative and cruel person. He frequently threatening someone into doing something bad and think little of it. According to Bunnymund, The Groundhog makes anyone do to things for "himself even if they don't want to" As a result, his henchmen and Jill Frost is afraid of him. His plan was to get rid of Bunnymund by destroying christmas. He began smploys Jill to use her lost Bother's trust to get in, and then having Mud and Dirt ruining the party decorations at Burgess's town hall, However use new her trust, Jiil and The Guardians thwart his plans, The Groundhog then went after North and Jack and try Kill them. His next move was depower Bunnymund and the other Guardians, and then take over christmas. But his plans thawated by The Guardians, With the help of Jill, Mud and Dirt.


  • He is voice by Hal Sparks
  • He dislike Bunnymund.
  • He had two henchmen.