we hear his voice in the music that plays and sence his precence in the dead of night. a deformed yet misunderstood guardian of peace and music plays his songs enchanting the night and all who walk in it. the tones of his music bring peace to the minds of all who are filled with anger and can calm even the most wildest of animals. his music plays for us when ever in anger and always brings us hope and joy.


in life he was the notorious phantom of the opera, erik mulhiem, a deformed music composer who was denied any form of passion or love. he fell in love with a beautiful singer named christine daae and created the most beautiful and charming of all music for her. but in the end she chose someone else over him leaveing him in great pain in sorrow. he never left his dark cavern for days and one day it colapsed leaving him under the rubbul, but something else was in the cavern. the light of the moon filled the cavern giveing it the only light from the outside world. the man in the moon had great pitty for this deformed composer sence no one loved him or ever saw the true beauty of his music. the phantom crawled out of the rubble and saw the light of the moon giveing him a sence of hope.he climed out of the cavern and saw the city of paris and how they all lived. he wondered around but it seemed like no one even noticed him wich was strange to him but didnt care sence he could finaly wonder paris. there was a beautiful piano being played on the street corner, aperantly it was busted but from the cerry touch of the phantom the beautiful piano was fixed and he began to play it. the music was so heavenly that everyone listioned all feeling the beauty of the music. the phantom stoped playing and noticed everyone was look at the piano that was playing. he tried to tell people that he played the song but no one noticed. he gently tryed to tap the sholder on of the others but it went strait through them as if he was a ghost. he couldnt believe this but he noticed that people loved his music and decieded to spread his new music to others.


roughly he is about 6ft tall it tanish skin and raven black hair that is slicked back. he dawns a black tuxedo with a rose in the poket of the tux, a long beautiful black cape, and black dress shoes that make him look even more amazing in aperance. finaly he wears his signiture phantom mask covering his deformity that will eventualy become his symble of music.