"We have excellent memory, we remember everything." The relatives of Tooth were a group of people that were related to Toothiana.


The relatives of Tooth were descended from her cousins Shari and Ali. The Faers from Shari, and the the Harooms from Ali.


Tiana Faer

Talia Faer

Tamika Faer

Tamil Haroom

Brianna T. Faer

Powers and abilitiesEdit

The relatives of Tooth shared many similar powers. They all had excellent memory and could remember anything. Some of them had wings, others had telepathic abilities, still others had both. They could speak any language in the world.


The relatives of Tooth shared many similar traits with one another. The Faers had light blonde to dark brown hair, the Harooms only had dark brown. Their heights varied between person to person. As did their skin colors depending on where they lived.

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