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Thunderhead was once a guardian, but he craved to much power.  He just wanted more and more, but then the Man on the Moon punished him for faults.  He has also been blinded from things around him, so now he want revenge.


Once, in the Great Plains of the prehistoric Americas, stood a man.  He was a wiseman seeking to spread his wisdom to others.  As he walked across the prairie, a dark cloud started to form, looking upward he saw explosions of light arcing through the sky.  Suddenly, he began to feel lightheaded, he began taste his own what seemed to be iron, and he purple sparks began to cover his vision. *FOOOOM* The lightning seemed to think twice as it headed toward him, and with changed its own course in mid-flight and struck a nearby area a few feet of area.  The wiseman, shocked (pun intended), ran away as quickly as he could.  The lightning, however, had gained a wisdom of its own from this meeting, it had passed so close to the wiseman, that it could read the electric waves in the wiseman's brain, and learned.  That bolt of lightning, without knowledge of the Man on the Moon, had become a spirit that day.  Sadly, a spirit who would be destined for ruin.


Thunderhead can change his size however he wills.  However, he does have an appearance for conversations, this is usually the appearance of a tall, dark haired, and dark skinned man. He has milky white eyes from when the Man on the Moon blinded him.  However, his eyes were once dark looming grey. He wears a leather jacket, brown shirt, leather pants, and sunglasses.  His sunglasses are only to cover his eyes, since he is never in the sun.  Thunderclouds follow his wake.


Thunderhead is a strong, cruel person, as well as a commanding figure with a strong authority over others. He does however have a secret love of plush animals.  He absolutely loathes the Man on the Moon for all that has happened to him.

Power and AbilitiesEdit

Being blind, Thunderhead uses the electric charges in things to "see" them.  This method is not perfect however, so it is no surprise that he trips quite a lot, runs into walls, or walks off a cliff.  He can shoot electricity from the surrounding air.  Before he was punished, he could call his "brothers" to help him from the sky, but the Storms have now forsaken him.  He can fly because of his heritage as a lightning bolt.  His strength is monstrous, in the time before his punishment Thunderhead once uprooted an entire skyscraper, but now he only has the strength to pull an average tree out of the ground.