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Tom is the personification of Thanksgiving.  Being the last Native American to die before the "first" Thanksgiving was celebrated.  His original name was At-su-sa-ag-i-a(The Boy is Eating).


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Tom has a dark skin tone and raven black hair.  He wears brown pants, and his feet  feet are bare.


Tom does not speak, but communicates by writing in the air, or sign language.  He is considered unsociable by other spirits for this reason.

Magical AbilitesEdit

Tom has control over the wind and can make shapes and color from the air itself.   He can ride the wind to fly.  He has a bow of black wood, and a quiver that has an infinite amount of arrows, but he seems to hate to use it.  Remeniscent of his holiday, he can give people something to be happy about.  Tom also has the ability to make food appear out of the air, so he can feed himself and many others besides.


Gaia/Mother Nature-  Tom looks to her as someone more experienced than himself, and respects her as so.

La Calavera Catrina-  He sometimes passes her by when he goes travelling.  The two don't really interact however...