Nikki Van Davis

aka Kitty

  • I live in Earth (SEGA universe dimension)
  • I was born on June 23
  • My occupation is A Gamer
  • I am Female
  • Nikki Van Davis

    Nova Starlight was the new gaurdain but not so new anymore she had been a gaurdain for 120 years. and things still seemed the same the world around her was always changing. All 120 years of it. Now in this new century she thought someting would change for the good, for her. 

    Nova was flying to her palcace when she saw the northen ligths in the sky she stoped abrutly to see it she sighed then flew toward the north pole."Whats going on now!?" She asked her self not knowing that the meeting was for her.

    When she made it to the North pole and inside norths workshop she found everybody there Jack,Bunny,North,Tooth and Sandy. they were all talking then stoped when Nova walked into the room,she had her cat Sunny with her.Sunny meowed at her she und…

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  • Nikki Van Davis

    do you believe? "Of to Burgess! ,and to get Jamie!" North Boomed "Every one to the Sleigh!" he said

    Sandy held up all of his fingers "I guess so!" tooth replied. "Tooth? how many Shopping days are there left until Christmas?" Viki asked "21!" North answered. "You Keep track don't you!" Tooth shrugged her shoulders.


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  • Nikki Van Davis

    *nows the story gets more interisting*

    Then on Dec1 the gaurdains had a meeting. There was a new problem now. a few days ago Viki and Jack found out Viki was not believed in. "Hello Bunny! its December!" North "Knock it off you show pony! Bunny exclaimemed."Umm excuse me?" Tooth butted in "But were here to fix a problem!" Sandy made a thumbs up! then jack took the lead. "We need a plan to get people believeing in Miss Snow but thankfully well have a jumpstart cause Jamie believes in her." he said "Yes the last light." North repiled.

    "Now we think!!" north told everybody. Bunny scratched his head, Tooth rubed her chin, Sandy made a sand immage of a loading bar,North just stod in the middle of the room srtoking his beard. Jack sat on a counter…

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  • Nikki Van Davis

    *"So when do we start?" tooth asked "Today mate its not were going to wait until tomorrow." bunny replied to thooths question. "Everyone to the sleigh! except bunny!" North explained with a magical smile. Bunny smiled "where to?" he asked. North stopped in his tracks" I didn't think of that!" Viki smiled big and rolled her eyes "Oh North!"

    "IDEA!!" he explained scaring everybody with his swords. "AHH!" Jack Ducked So did Viki. "Sorry Jack. I Pick Burgess! anyway Jack did help us when pitch tried to get the children in unbelievabif. At this Jack made a satisfied smile. Viki smiled back.Everyone except bunny with much delight. bunny made his rabbit hole and a sheigh flew of in the sky.

    North took out his snow globe. "i say he said shaking it "…

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  • Nikki Van Davis
    • ==               Miss Snows Adventures As A Guardian.* (Chap 1) inspired by:Elizabeth or ROTG4ever==
      • you can call miss Snow (former Victoria remember?) snowy okay miss snow is too long don't you think any way jack calls her snowy too for short.*

    but one day the northern lights went of. bunny in his warren would leave what ever he was doing the sandman made a sand plane and flew to to the north pole tooth saw it "humm what's up now?" tooth asked.

    jack and Viki flew to the north pole and into the workshop. the other guardians had made it there before jack and snowy. bunny was still grumbling about how cold it was outside.get ready for chap 2!!!!  By: Niki

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