• ==               Miss Snows Adventures As A Guardian.* (Chap 1) inspired by:Elizabeth or ROTG4ever==
    • you can call miss Snow (former Victoria remember?) snowy okay miss snow is too long don't you think any way jack calls her snowy too for short.*

It was a nice cold evening in burgess PA the snow was falling nothing new  except one thing there was a new guardian.Former Victoria she had become a guardian last year and was now stuck at the age of 15 "well Know i know what ageless beauty means." She would say."how about ageless handsomeness!" jack would reply. "Of course!" she would giggle and a smile back when jack said that.

The two were a great couple they would make snow,frost.snowstorms.and blizzard together nothing could separate them.

but one day the northern lights went of. bunny in his warren would leave what ever he was doing the sandman made a sand plane and flew to to the north pole tooth saw it "humm what's up now?" tooth asked.

jack and Viki flew to the north pole and into the workshop. the other guardians had made it there before jack and snowy. bunny was still grumbling about how cold it was outside.< "whats going on!" tooth asked. "Uhh i forgot." North said. 'What you called us out here for nothing!" bunny explained "AHA! i tricked! you i decided we'd have a thanksgiving tooth hunt!"

he said. the whole room was quiet. "why?" tooth asked. "Why? it is thanksgiving! and we are going to give your faires a break! we will collect the teeth!"  "Ah now we have a rematch!" bunny smirked. snowy looked at jack and smiled. jack all of a sudden had a sparkle in his eyes. "what is it jack?" she whispered. "i have a good idea!" he whispered back."were going to win this contest!" ">get ready for chap 2!!!!  By: Niki

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