Miss Snows Adventures as a Guardian ( Chapter 4 )inspired by:  ELIZABETH

do you believe? "Of to Burgess! ,and to get Jamie!" North Boomed "Every one to the Sleigh!" he said

"Ah! i don't think so mate." Bunnymund exclaimed. "i was going to say except Bunny, but you interrupted me

." Bunny rolled his eyes." okay Jack Lets hope this Works" Viki said to Him he smiled at her"I'm sure it will" "How many times have we been in the sleigh now?" Viki asked

Sandy held up all of his fingers "I guess so!" tooth replied. "Tooth? how many Shopping days are there left until Christmas?" Viki asked "21!" North answered. "You Keep track don't you!" Tooth shrugged her shoulders.

Eventually they flew into Burgess it was Night aging .

"theres Jamies house!"Jack exclaimed he flew up to the window with Viki "Jack! and Viki!" jamie was very happy

. "hey kiddo! you are the only kid that believes in Miss Snow she needs more believers will you help us?" jack asked


"What do you say kiddo are you in?" Jamie smiled "Yes!"  "Alright kiddo go get your friends!"

amie ran out and 10 mins later all of his friends were lined up in single file.Jack was acting like a army sergeant.

"Alright men and ladies you were called here for a important reason."

 Pippa started laughing and the other kids too.

"My friends we have a problem there is a new guardian and she is not believed in."

 jack finished 

" Miss Snow is real guys!" jamie added

  All of a sudden a blue sparkle went past their eyes. "w.o.w" some of them were like "woah!" 

"Can you see me? and hear to?"Viki was speechless

."yes! we can!"they replied "WOO WHO!!"

she flew up in the air  that night they got more believers from the other kids in the neighborhood.  At about 5 in the morning the guardians flew back in the sleigh even bunnymund. Every one was congratulating Jack and Viki on their success Viki and jack now had new believers. Viki was finally satisfied. she had at least 20 believers and counting!


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