Zenith is an evil spirit of chaos and disruption, he is a very serious and dangerous individual.


Zenith was once a child of the empty places.  Of space, lost worlds, and lost ideas.  His father was Ouranos, and his mother was the lost city of Lemuria.  After his mother taught him what he needed to know, she gave him his staff and told him to find her sister and bring her to her.  Once while searching Zenith found The Seventh, and they got a long quite well.  The Seventh decided to help search for Atlantis, and they are currently figuring out where a remnant of the actual city could be.


Zenith is tall and seems lanky. However he is strong enough to at least pull a door out of its frame. He wears a white jacket over a black shirt. He wears headphones that seem to play any song at random lengths and volumes. His pants are black, as are his shoes. On either sleeve he has a long zipper stretching from the cuff to the shoulder. It is currently unknown why.


He can cause delusions, and has the power to speed up the process of entropy. Using his staff, he can cause distortions in space, or let off radioactivity.