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Zephyr Black
Biographical Information
Full Name Zephyr Black
Alias None
Other Name(s)
Age 14 (Looks)

450 (Currently)

Birthplace Unknown
Home Pitch's Lair
Occupation(s) Cross Between-

Guardian of Nightmares and Guardian of Dreams

Morality Neutral
Gender Male
Race Fearling
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Relative(s) Pitch
Allies Pitch


Minions Fearlings


Darkness Creations

Enemies Jack Frost






Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Darkness Manipulation

Fear Inducement

Dream Sand Manipulation

Nightmare Sand Manipulation

Weakness(es) Unknown
Equipment Powers

Nightmare Sand Sword

Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen


Zephyr was born to Sandy and Sandina, they were both his parents and he was a very powerful baby with the Dream Sand Manipulation. But Pitch had figured out about their child's birth and wanted to take the baby for himself, so he killed Sandina and kidnapped Zephyr and corrupted him and turned him evil.

Zephyr has no memory about his parents or the past, he was raised by Pitch to be hateful and mean. But Pitch couldn't turn Zephyr evil all the way because of how strong his powers were, and so Zephyr is still able to control Dream Sand and he doesn't fully follow Pitch.

Zephyr has kidnapped many children and brought them to Pitch's lair, but before they are turned into Fearlings by Pitch Zephyr dulls their senses with his Dream Manipulation Powers and lulls them to sleep so they feel nothing and remember nothing. 

Zephyr has fought The Guardians many times in his life time, and he has fought Sandy almost every single time. But neither of them have memories of each other, for Sandy thinks his son is dead and Zephyr believes Pitch is his father.


Zephyr has a neutral personality, he doesn't like to hurt children and cause them pain. But he fears his father and does what he says so Pitch won't hurt him. Zephyr also tries to follow in Pitch's footsteps as much as he can so he can become like his father. But it's hard for him because he doesn't think it is right.


Zephyr looks like a younger, smaller version of Pitch. But his skin is slightly lighter than Pitch's and his hair is too. Zephyr stands to about 5'4 and he is built very well. He isn't skinny and small, but he isn't fat ether. He mostly has a healthy look to him.


Dream Manipulation- Zephyr can control dreams and turn them into Nightmares also. He is very powerful, almost as powerful as Sandy himself.

Darkness Manipulation- Zephyr is able to control Darkness and Shadows, he can use them to create weapons and monsters to scare and hurt children. And he can also use it to create animals also.

Darkness Sword- This is Zephyr's prime weapon that he uses all the time, it is a very powerful sword and he uses it to fight the Guardians whenever they get into a battle.